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Step into a world with Moyenda and discover this “possi-be” Kwanzaa tale that will become a cherished addition to your folklore collection all year ‘round.


About Me

My mother told me when I was very little I would line up some of my friends on the front porch steps and play teacher.  And I have been committed to children learning ever since . . .

Hi, I’m Nora Brooks Blakely, author, playwright, and speaker.

I have a passion for teaching and sharing Black history and culture with people all over the world. People know me as a fervent promoter of, and a participant in, Black arts and culture as well as a lover of folklore, laughter, and rational human beings.

This website is for you, the gatekeepers. You know the importance of identity and the value of living in a multicultural world. Not only is it important for young Black children to see echoes of themselves, it is equally important for people from a wide range of cultures to provide a broad vision of the world for their children. My books, products and presentations will assist you!


I am here to help educators, parents, youth group workers, and anyone else who is child-adjacent through the use of fiction, fantasy, and creative experiences. Together we will spark young imaginations and strengthen character through socio-emotional skills woven into appealing stories.


New worlds are waiting. Let’s begin!


Fall of 2024

Kwanza in Your Pocket

A pocket-sized Kwanzaa coloring and activity book for anywhere and everywhere!

Spring of 2024

New Folklore Books

For Children & Adults

What Readers are Saying

The melodic storytelling voice of Nora Brooks Blakely, along with the stunning evocative illustrations of Bryant Smith make this picture book about Kwanzaa unique. Set in Africa, the gentle story connects the continents with one message, that we are one family.

Jan Spivey Gilchrist — Award-winning illustrator/author of children’s books

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