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Celebrating Black Possibility!

How do you keep expanding Black Possibility? Begin with an exuberant event this Saturday, November 12, 2023 at Cinema Chatham, the movie theatre in the heart of the Black community at 210 W. 87th Street in Chicago. In its opening weekend, we’re bringing together Wakanda Forever, the sequel to the culturally redefining movie Black Panther and Moyenda and The Golden Heart, a read-to-me book for ages 3-8. Together, the movie about a mythical country in Africa and the book about a young boy’s journey in a mythical time in Africa expand the audience experience.

The $50 package includes —

  • A presentation with music, story-reading and an introduction to Kwanzaa (10:45am-11:30am)

  • An autographed copy of the book

  • A packet of take-home activities from the upcoming Fun With Moyenda coloring and activity book

  • 2 tickets to the 12pm (noon, central) showing of BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever (additional tickets available).


Order a second package!

Add “I’ve got more kids!“ in the notes section.

Your second package will include

That same great live presentation, autographed copy of the book and take-home activities and 3(!) tickets for children, 12 and under

Visit our shop and get your tickets today!

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