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"Creativity & Culture, Wisdom & Wares!" 

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Welcome to the inside of my head! 


My name is Nora Brooks Blakely. People know me as a literary administrator and legacy builder, playwright, lyricist, author, seeker-of-balance, fervent promoter of (and participant in) Black arts and culture, and lover of folklore, laughter and rational human beings.

On this site you’ll find information on upcoming books and writing projects, sources of humor and inspiration, thoughts from visiting writers and other artists and artisans, original T-shirts and other creative products, a completely subjective collection of upcoming exciting and intriguing Black cultural events locally (sometimes nationally!) and more. 


What's New?

Thanks for stopping by!

Here you’ll find out about . . .

A book! Yippeelujah! A brand new book!

Yes, there are books in here and they are coming out in the world to meet you. 
For more information on Moyenda and The Golden Heart check out the Moyenda‘s Village window. Release date: November 30, 2021

What’s going on?
As a writer, I live in a virtual community of performing, visual and literary artists who live around the country and beyond.
For more information on what’s happening in South Shore or being created by South Shore-ians, check out the My Neighborhood window.

Plans and Positivity
I care about a lot of the things you care about. I’ll be throwing out news items and trivia I’ve stumbled across. Conversation starters, too.
For more information on breaking news, random thoughts and a gathering place, check out the A Little More of Me window.

Oh, and . . .
Don’t forget to shop! My little store is beginning with one book but it’s going to grow! For more information on current and upcoming goodies, check out the Shop window.

Welcome. Wander. All my windows are open. Look inside.

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